Consolidated Gold Mines (KCGM)

LiTech Systems Helps KCGM Modernise IT Infrastructure

KCGM, a leading mining company in Australia, faced a number of systems infrastructure challenges with outdated hardware and increasingly high licensing costs. In addition the performance of their E-Business Suite needed improvement.

Work Performed by the Team

LiTech Systems was contracted to help KCGM modernise their IT infrastructure. The LiTech Systems team installed all new databases and application tiers on a new Intel architecture platform running the Linux operating system. They also migrated the customer’s CEMLIs between platforms. The project was completed on time and resulted in a significant performance improvement.

Benefits of Partnering with LiTech Systems

As a result of partnering with LiTech Systems, KCGM was able to:
  • Eliminate their reliance on outdated hardware
  • Significantly reduce their operating system licensing costs
  • Improve the performance of their E-Business Suite
  • Create a more secure and reliable IT infrastructure
If you are a mining company in Australia looking for a trusted provider of IT infrastructure modernisation services, then LiTech Systems is the perfect choice for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your business goals.