E-Business Suite Implementations and Upgrades

E-Business Suite Implementations and Upgrades

R12 New Implementations

Organisations today face a host of challenges from the new global economy. With Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 (R12), applications and technology come together to ensure your company can compete effectively in the worldwide marketplace.

Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 enables businesses to think globally to make better decisions, be more competitive and manage globally to lower costs and increase performance. As an Oracle Partner, specialised in Oracle E-Business Suite, and a provider of R12 Implementation, managed and hosting services, LiTech is uniquely positioned to support all aspects of your implementation of Oracle R12. Regardless of where your applications reside, you can rest assured that your company will receive expert consultation from LiTech.

R12 Upgrades

Upgrading to Oracle R12 once was a matter of choice. Nowadays, streamlining Finance, HR, Supply Chain and Manufacturing and other back office processes has become a necessity for companies that need to maximise their IT and Business investments.

Oracle E-Business Suite is a comprehensive suite of business applications for the enterprise. It includes the following business critical applications:

  • Customer relationship management, interaction centre
  • Financials, contracts, sales, service, order management, marketing, product lifecycle management
  • Logistics, transportation management, maintenance, manufacturing
  • Intelligence, learning management, customer data management, corporate performance
  • Supply chain execution, supply chain management, supply chain planning, procurement
  • Human resources

At LiTech we embrace the fact that every company is different with unique business requirements and our Oracle R12 Upgrade service offerings reflect that reality. Knowing that one size doesn’t fit all, we work with each client and put together the optimum solution when upgrading to Oracle R12.

LiTech identifies the major technical, infrastructure and business functions impacted by an R12 upgrade. With a complete view of the impacts, you are able to plan your upgrade with complete confidence whilst:

  • Lowering your upgrade risk
  • Shortening your project timeline
  • Enabling a complete¬†view of enterprise impacts
  • Provides a baseline upgrade project plan

– Database Objects
– Forms/Reports
– Workflows
– Concurrent Programs
Object Profiling
Data Volumes
– Archive and Purge
Application Versions and Levels
– Menus
– Personalisation

O/S Patching Requirements
Database Patching Requirements
Application Patching Requirements
Database Sizing
O/S Migrations

Upgrade Impact on Key Processes
– Review process areas impacted by upgrade and utilisation of those process areas
Transaction Profiling Across Business Functions
– Determine how the system is used
– Determine custom processes with the standard EBS flow
Testing Scripts for Key Process Changes