Australasian Rollouts

Australasian Rollouts

LiTech Systems is an Australian consulting firm that provides companies with the expertise they need to expand in the international marketplace. We have helped companies implement Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle technology throughout the Australasian region.

LiTech application consultants have been working with Oracle applications for more than twenty years. We have seen the product evolve and mature from an initial 9.4.2 release of core functionality to today’s robust R12 ERP solution. Consequently, we know how to maximise the benefits of Oracle and deliver exceptional added value to your business.

As Oracle’s family of solutions continues to advance in complexity and scope to meet the growing demands of the market, LiTech understands how the constantly changing world of technology affects our clients. Whether facing new challenges ranging from upgrading their existing solutions, re-aligning their technologies to meet their evolving business, to being newly introduced to Oracle solutions, LiTech is there as a trusted advisor to guide our clients through the process.

LiTech Consultants are specialists in:

  • Implementing Oracle across the Australasian region to incorporate both new and existing international subsidiaries
  • Configuring the Oracle E-Business Suite to┬ámeet both local statutory and corporate reporting requirements
  • Supporting clients across the Australasian region
  • Migrating international companies and government agencies onto existing E-Business platforms