Licensing Review

Licensing Review

Oracle License Review Service

For existing or new Oracle customers, our License and Support Review service provides valuable analysis of your existing Oracle licensing and support configuration. We identify underused licenses and help you repurpose or migrate these licenses to reduce redundant license purchases and ongoing support costs. We leverage our understanding of Oracle’s license compliance, support policies and discount thresholds to minimise your Total Cost of Ownership and ensure you never pay for more licensing or support than is required.

LiTech Systems Oracle License Review Includes:

  • A thorough review of your licenses and annual maintenance costs.
  • A complete review to compare licensing vs. usage to determine and remedy any license compliance issues.
  • We deliver a detailed cost reduction and ROI analysis based on this data. We will identify all areas for savings and provide recommendations and multiple options based on the results of the analysis.

LiTech Systems Oracle License and Support Review addresses the following questions:

  • Are you paying support on Oracle licenses that are unused or underutilised?
  • Are you paying for database options that are not being used?
  • How do you migrate to the current versions and/or Oracle acquired products?
  • Did you receive a competitive discount on your Oracle purchases?
  • How does Oracle’s multi-core pricing affect your current and planned Oracle environments?
  • If your organisation was audited by Oracle, are there any areas of concern? If so, how do we resolve these issues?
  • How can you lower your existing support costs?
  • Does Oracle have a more cost effective product to fit your needs?
  • What are the benefits of establishing coterminous support?
  • Should I cancel, maintain or migrate unused or underutilised software assets?