IT Asset Optimisation

IT Asset Optimisation

According to Gartner, 70% of a company’s software spend is within its datacentre! This ratio is unlikely to change which means you need to take action and control this cost.

Understanding the deployment of software in the datacentre is difficult. But, it is the key to reducing the costs associated with running those environments. Complex environments involve physical hardware, virtual servers, clustering and different software configurations across multiple platforms. However, an advanced discovery assessment can deliver complete, continual and accurate visibility.

LiTech Systems provides an IT Asset Optimisation Assessment which starts by performing a full discovery and inventory of your enterprise assets: Hardware, O/S, VM’s, Databases and Middleware. We then perform a full measurement across the inventory. Our assessment is designed to operate in environments where there are multiple technologies in place.

Advanced services:

Oracle Licensing is complex and becomes even more so with additional third party products. To get a complete understanding of your licensing position, you need an accurate, complete and up-to-date view of your existing software deployment, coupled with independent and confidential expert license analysis. We can provide advanced services and deliver a thorough review of your software entitlement, compare it with your actual deployment and usage, analyse differences and present a report outlining all practical alternatives to resolve any issues.