Cloud Backups

Cloud Backups

LiTech Systems Cloud Back-up Services provide you with peace of mind. Customers can create their own virtual back-up and Disaster Recovery “DR” site at an enterprise-class, high availability data centre.

Our Cloud Backup services eliminate the need for additional DR hardware investments and can provide a complete back-up and DR solution for:

  • Virtualised environments
  • Enterprise applications
  • NAS servers
  • Desktops/ laptops

Whether you back-up your data from your primary data centre or from multiple remote offices, our Cloud Back-up services eliminate unreliable tape back-ups.
Features include:

  • Fully managed, enterprise level off-site back-up
  • Source based de-duplication technology
  • 100% data verification every time
  • Self-managed, always available restoration portal

Benefits include:

  • Fast and Efficient
  • No single point of failure
  • No bandwidth requirements
  • Data is 100% protected with inflight encryption